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Leo, how can we help you in relation to Ben?
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My son is refusing to go to school and he is becoming more oppositional. I think he's anxious like he was when he started pre-school.
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A student in my class is determined to be as disruptive as possible and no matter what I try, I can’t get through to him.
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For schools and childcare centres

Equip your educators with the tools they need to deliver better learning outcomes

  • Handle crises with ease, and provide the right support for every child’s social and emotional needs.

  • BriteChild® helps your school or centre create a culture of wellness and thrive in a time of rising mental health concerns.

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Spend less time explaining with separate profiles and histories for each child.

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Our team pairs you with the best expert for your needs. In 1-2 days, you’ll get a response with specific, tailored strategies to solve your challenge.

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Meet the experts

child psychologist at Britechild

Dr Kimberley O'Brien

+20 years of experience

One of Australia’s most trusted child psychologists. As the go-to expert for issues affecting Australian youth, you may have heard her on Triple J and ABC Radio,  or seen her on Channels 7, 9 and 10.

Consulted for:

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