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A child psychologist at your fingertips

Finding the right support for your child's growth and development needs can be tough.

BriteChild® provides on-demand access to Australia’s leading psychologists who can give advice, guidance, and support for you and your child. From minor worries to complex mental health issues, you’ll be equipped with practical tools and strategies.

Receive advice quickly or schedule a video consultation without waiting lists. Ongoing expert support has never been more straightforward.

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Benefits for the whole family

Understand your child better with smart AI technology + 20 years of child psychology experience at your fingertips.

All you can ask support for development, behaviour, education issues.

With BriteChild® you can:
  • Gain access to child development experts at lowers fees;

  • Say goodbye to uncertainty and frustration waiting for appointments when your child’s issues can feel very urgent;

  • Build resilience and coping mechanisms for emotional situations with access to our micro learning resources library.

Starting is simple and quick

Step 1


Register and create your first child profile, then ask a question or book a call

Step 2

We Review

Our AI and team review and respond to your request

Step 3

Help Arrives

Your text, voice, or video response arrives quickly packed with strategies

Step 4

Book Video Calls

Want to chat with an expert? Quickly and easily schedule a call

Member Benefits

Unlimited Questions

As a BriteChild® member, you can get quick and timely responses to as many questions* as you need, all securely via our web app.

Get Expert Advice

Our qualified experts at the Quirky Kid Clinic have over 20 years of experience. They receive ongoing supervision and have access to exclusive medical libraries and a network of credible clinical experts.

Know Where to Go

Let our team point you in the right direction. We keep a detailed knowledge base of referrals and resources from around the globe. Say goodbye to Dr Google and the long time it takes to find a solution that works.

Affordable Video Consults

Save money and remove stress by scheduling a video consultation with an expert. No frustrating waiting lists or queuing in waiting rooms.

Tried and Tested

We have provided over 80,000 consultations to over 8000 families. We have many practical and proven strategies to help you. Our AI technology works behind the scenes to continually improve our assessment and strategies.

Quality Answers

You can rate each response and interaction. We value your candid feedback and are constantly striving to provide you with the best service.  

Face-To-Face Support

If you prefer to see someone in person, we can refer you for clinical intervention at a Quirky Kid Clinic location (Australia only).

Continuity of Care

As a BriteChild® member, you can work with our team from your child’s infancy through adolescence. In this way, we can help you prepare for common mental health concerns as your child develops.

We're here to help

BriteChild® is only $29.95* per month for a limited time only.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this app work?

As soon as you join BriteChild®, we ask you to complete a profile for each child. After that, you can start asking questions or booking video consultations, and our team will begin helping you find answers right away.

Is this a health treatment?

Yes. BriteChild® provides parents with practical strategies and child online video consultations under Medicare, NDIS or as a private client.  However, the psychology services we provide through the telehealth consultations are not suitable for everyone.

At our discretion if you deem a client unsuitable may cease providing consultations to a child or staff member of a school and refer you to a third party who may better address their needs; and

Will I always have the same expert?

It depends. BriteChild® aims to provide regular and fast intervention. To do that, we rely on a range of professional who are assigned to your specific questions and needs each time.

What issues do you help with?

We can support most social, emotional, and behavioral concerns, like anxiety, social skills, sleep issues, emotional regulation, behaviour management, and parenting. We have access to thousands of experts and go to great lengths to find the right information for you.

Can I add multiple children?

Yes, we charge a flat fee per family during our introductory pricing.

What ages can you support?

We currently work with children aged aged 7 to 18. However, we can work with parents who have children under the age of 7.

Are you registered with NDIS and Medicare?

Yes, we are registered provider under NDIS and Medicare. However our membership fees are not claimable under Medicare or any NDIS scheme. These schemes have a range of requirements and this means your sessions may not always be able to be claimed.

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